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For Games
Songs I created for games, mods, and competitions:

DevilsGate - background track to DevilsGate, rocks and then gets into some aussie bongos!
Duke_Space_Alt - background track to JMW-DM3, alternate version of the song! Gotta love the Duke Nukem quotes!
Duke_Space - background track to JMW-SP2. Gotta love the Duke Nukem quotes!
JMW-SP1-Rock - background track to my JMW-SP1 Duke Nukem single player level. Added guitar and drums to this version.
night fall - one of my favs.  goth meets techno.  parts used in a vs map I did.
dead all over - was created for the d3fortress competition. more goth/techno.
on the attack - was planned to be enviro music for a level I was doing.  never used it.  song rocks though.
dark heart - nice kick to it.  more techno rock.
facedown - used in my hl deathmatch classic map facedown.  also in the game demo.
awakening - one of my favs. i played the guitar riff once all the way through and never re-recorded any of it. nice!
lunar - for an old cs map i did call lunar. more techno computer soundy stuff.

For Fun
A variety of other tunes I have created:
tranquility - totally different sound for me. almost meditation music
drop kick - this song rocks. worth hearing once.
fallen city - guitar really crunches. one of my favs. had a creepy vibe.
oracle - matrix kinda feel to it.
sunday drive - much lighter track for me.  reminds me of summer.
lost - nice drums and synth.
rock it - another quick techno rock goth track.  drum fills and more drum fills.

Who knows
Just different...
cocktail - some movie clips and some techno.  this one is very old.
deniro vs pacino - another old one. movie clips and techno.
in the box - vox sounds with beats. again, old.